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Tips: For a Better Night Sleep

December 11, 2016
night sleep

Night Sleep plays a very important role in our life. It gives our body the required rest. But sleeping is not just closing your eyes and lying for a few hours. Everyone should have a sound sleep. A sound sleep is not only needed for a good physical health but also for a good mental health. Follow the following steps and sleep like a baby.

Switch Off your Phones

In this current world of smartphones, the last thing a person does before sleeping is using his/her smartphone or tablet. Everybody is in love with their smartphones. But, the fact remains that using the phone before going to sleep affects your sleep greatly. The brightness of the screen cuts down your sleep. Not only smartphones, other devices like laptop and TV also affects your night sleep. So try avoiding smartphones and other devices at least an hour before you sleep. Doing so will not only help you have a better sleep but will also give your eyes some time to rest.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise provides a lot of benefits. It keeps you in shape as well as helps you to get a good and faster sleep. Exercise at any time of the day is good, but it should not be done at the cost of your sleep. Try to complete your exercise three to four hours before your sleep. However, early exercise is often preferred.

Supportive Environment

To have a comfortable sleep, you need a calm and supportive environment. The room should be free from light and noises. The pillow and the mattress that you use also matters a lot. The mattress and pillow should be comfortable and supportive.

Focus on your Diet

Food also has a role in your sleep. Addictions such as cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine can disrupt your sleep. Moreover, heavy and spicy diet can cause indigestion discomforts and can disturb your sleep. Avoid large meals before two or three hours of your sleep. If you feel hungry, eat a light snack 45 minutes before going to bed.

Free your Mind

Any complicated, touchy or work related decision should be kept aside two to three hours before you head to bed. It takes times to turn off the day’s noise. However, if you find it difficult to sort your mind, note the things down and let them go for the night. Reading something calm or meditating can help you free your mind.

Sleep Schedule

A sleep cycle is a must for your body. You need to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday, including the weekends. However, if you are not able to sleep within 15 minutes after you go to bed, get up and perform some relaxing task. When you fall tires, go back to sleep.

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