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How to Save Your Own Life in a Medical Emergency

September 3, 2016

We all dream of a perfect life, perfect situations and a perfect harmony within ourselves. Accidents are uninvited, sometimes they occur at most inopportune times, when we are all alone and grave enough to turn our world upside down.

Familiarizing yourself with basic yet life saving first aid techniques can help you to deal with crisis arising from uncalled medical emergencies.

Cardiac arrest

Statistics reveal that heart attack is the most prevalent medical emergency and cases of patients experiencing it at odd times are increasing drastically.

If you experience severe chest pain, first thing is sit down with your back supported and avoid walking to prevent undue pressure on your heart.

Try to cough four to five times in a way that your stomach muscles clench with a jerk with every cough. Slowly chew a normal aspirin tablet of 300mg, which is generally popped for headaches. Aspirin is known to increase blood circulation by diluting it.

Call 911 and while you wait for paramedics to arrive, practice Mrit sanjeevni mudra which is also known as Apan Vayu Mudra as it has proven its efficacy against the irregularities of blood pressure and heart.


If you have got an injury which is bleeding profusely, priority should be to control and stop the oozing out blood. First, apply direct pressure on the wound and wrap it with something – a bandage, clean cloth or tea towels. If you don’t have an access to any of these, simply wrap your table cloth or any fabric for that matter.

Call for an ambulance as excessive bleeding can cause unconsciousness and is very lethal. With wounds, remember bleeding should be stopped first and infections can be dealt later on.




It is extremely difficult to call for help while choking because your situation makes it almost impossible to verbally explain your condition. In case you are choking, lean forward and cough vigorously to see whether you can clear out the stuff which is causing obstruction and choking you.

Practice abdominal thrusts by placing one of your hands in a fist just above your belly button and the other one underneath your ribs. Force the air in and out applying pressure on your stomach in a way that with every thrust your tummy squeezes. Hopefully, this should relieve you.

Sprains and fractures

If you have twisted your ankle and feel that you have fractured your limb, treat them like sprains first, by placing an ice pack on it. Don’t move the injured ankle much and take rest by keeping it elevated.

After about 20 minutes, if you still feel the pain and can’t walk as your ankle is not supporting your body weight, then it’s not a sprain and you need to get it X-rayed and checked.

Nasty Burns

Whenever you get that nasty burn ensure that you keep it under a tap of running water for a minimum of 10 minutes. Suppress the desire to take out your hand from the running water your skin surface might get rid of the heat within a minute but underlying tissues need some more time to dispose of the heat and that is the reason we experience stinging pain in burns.

In case, your burn is far from being restricted or localized and have resulted in blisters or your skin is broken at places, seek medical help without any further delay.

Information is never futile; we hope that the above tips will arm you with the knowledge to deal with medical traumas till you get help from a health provider.

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