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How Rachel Green Will Always Be The Ultimate Queen Of Sass

August 28, 2016

You adore her, you pause and play the episodes umpteen times to make a mental note of her dresses, you follow her dressing sense like verses of bible, and there’s a popular opinion that she could carry a rag and still look so chick, so at ease and if you are a FRIENDS noob and the image is still blur to you then lemme tell you loud and clear, THEY WERE ON A BREAK!! yes you guessed it right, all you masters of serious binge watching sorcery, I am talking about our ultimate ? queen of witty comebacks our own sassy Rachel Karen Green aka Jenifer Aniston. Be it stepping in central park in a wedding gown as a runaway bride or giving reincarnation to pinafore dresses Rachel green does it best. But dare not you treat her as all beauty and no brain cos she doesn’t take bullshit, an ever sarcastic flower laden comeback is on your way the moment you decide on straining the knot with her. Rachel green is the only character of FRIENDS to have heightened the level of sass so much that only few dare attempt it. Having seen the struggles of finally leaving behind daddy’s shadow, running from her (ahh so boring) arranged for a secure life wedding and finally settling for a job of a waitress to becoming a single mom and working with polo ralph Lauren, Rachel Green became a symbol of strong determination, though 10 series later she finally settled for her ultimate soul mate but the journey is what makes her a character we all relate to at one point or another.

Here are few picture proofs of Rachel green’s messy yet sassy life that makes her a queen of it:

When in Season 8 episode 14 doctor calls her (Braxton-hicks contractions) mild discomfort and Ross suggests how it’s no big deal.

When in season 7 episode 3 Monica finds Ross and Rachel making out on her engagement night and blames Rachel for stealing her thunder since she couldn’t get married before Monica.

When in season 1 episode 18 Rachel frustrated out of point for losing every single time to guys in poker game.

When in season 8 episode 23, 3 babies and 17 hours later she was so eager to pop the baby out cos she couldn’t take it anymore.

When she finally realizes her feelings for Ross once Chandler reveals her about Ross’s feelings for her and goes all the way till airport to tell him but finds out about his new girlfriend Julie.

When in season 8 Rachel bored out of her wits, tries to talk in Ross to have sex with her for she read somewhere a hot sex fastens labor, instead Ross tells her his reservations about making love to her.

The episode where Rachel and Phoebe   discusses chances of how often does two people friends for so long get hitched and curse their hypothetical love life (silently).

The episode where Phoebe ruins Monica’s hair and Rachel comes in terms with Ross’s new girlfriend whom he cant keep from gushing over.

When already hurt Rachel finds out Monica is getting friends with Ross’s highly disliked foreigner girlfriend Julie and went on a shopping spree with her.

The one where Ross tries to find his  way to Monica’s newly single hot assistant chef Hillary and fails.


And that’s my friends is Rachel Green for you!!
When she summarizes how living at Ross’s place is when you have to watch discovery channel the whole day.

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