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Life is these messy bits By Prachi Nagpal

September 18, 2016

So the thing that first comes to my mind while listening to people’s crazy wishes is their discontentment. No, it is certainly not disgusting to have wishes. No, it is not something negative. No, it doesn’t mean madness.

It is the dissatisfaction.

When people study, they wish to work and ultimately to get their materialistic or spiritual wishes to be fulfilled. When they work, they lose their inner self in this virtual real space and they wish to find their lost selves by wishing to get themselves enaged in Travelling, Writing or something like that.

Life incorporates wishes. We live to get our wishes fulfilled. We chase our dreams. We run after the contemporary “cool attitude”. Because we make our wishes by witnessing others’ situations. Because our wishes are not just ours but what we have seen people doing after their lives got affected by monotony.

An escape is always not necessary. Life is not just about work or just crazy wishes. No, even if you are able to achieve what all you have wished, satisfaction won’t come to you.

By that, I am not asking you to stop wishing, but wish to make each and every moment “Life”.
Life is not always about having another life waiting for you.
It is here.
In your work, at your home, in your wishes and within you.
Stop wishing to attain another “better” space and time. No, if it had been better, you woudn’t have been born here. Learn to dance at every tune that clock makes, Learn to walk a thousand steps while lying.
Because, Life is these messy parts. Perfection will come but that vacuum won’t ever fill.

Don’t let the darkness enter you. Open your eyes, Light is here. Points of Light.

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    Worth a read and inspiring.

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