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Daydreaming can be the positive change that you need in life

September 22, 2016

If you are a day dreamer and have been criticized for daydreaming, you need not worry. Daydreaming is good, and you can continue it as long as you wish. There are many benefits of daydreaming. Unlike daydreamers, non-day dreamers might need other complex techniques to enjoy these benefits. Researchers believe that daydreaming boosts the brain and makes it more effective.

Brain Exercise

Daydreaming is a good exercise for your brain. People mistake it for the mind, but the fact is daydreaming is controlled by the brain and not the mind. So, while daydreaming your brain is active, and it is exercised. The way you daydream affects the physical structure of your brain and changes in response to any new information. Neuroscientist Dr. Muireann Irish says that “daydreaming is hard work and serves some very important functions.”

Become Creative

Daydreaming can increase the creativity of a person. It can connect various bits and build stories that a person could never have imagined. Insights of wisdom and solutions to problems can also be solved as daydreaming might connect the dots that were never considered. A similar process takes place even during dreaming but in a more random manner. The problem-solving network of the brain becomes more active when a person is daydreaming.

Improved Working Memory

The brain can store information and retrieve them when needed in the form of distractions. There is a high level of relation between this type of memory and daydreaming. Studies have shown that people who were distracted during work and continued back with the work and the people who were not distracted showed the same performance. This means the daydreamers are giving their brain a refreshment. As a result, the stress in daydreamers is released.

Rest different parts of your brain

Our brain has two different parts, analytic and empathetic. While doing any work, if one is on, the other part remains off. However, daydreaming has its own advantage. During the course of daydreaming, the functioning switches from one part to another in a cyclic and seamless manner, turning one on and the other off. It happens throughout the process, and both parts have their turns.

Be Productive

A Cornell study shows improved performance with day dreaming. According to Bar-Ilan University, daydreaming has a positive and simultaneous performance on the performance of a task. There are several other results that support this fact.

Be Happy

Daydreaming is a nice way to explore yourself and your thoughts. Daydreaming gives you the opportunity to understand yourself. The mental play will cherish you during your stress period. It increases hope, which is strongly correlated to joy.

There are many other benefits of daydreaming that might not be visible. However, not every daydreamer has the same type of dreams. Some might wander off in a negative area while some might fall on the positive side. It is a study beyond physical attributes and needs a lot of research to jump to a conclusion.

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