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How to come out of rough moments in life

September 17, 2016

Life is not always a bed of roses; it is not always as perfect as we want it to be. However, how we deal with what it offers us is what makes the difference. Each one of us undergoes some painful moments, some irreversible losses, some heart aches and it solely depends on us to come out of those rough depressing moments.

  • It’s just a temporary phase-

Remember that difficult phases of life are temporary and the arduous period is not going to last forever, the good old days will be back soon, as tough times do not last but tough people do.

Facing adversaries is predestined but learning from rough moments in life is optional. While going through a strenuous stage in life, keep reminding yourself, again and again, that you have dealt with difficult situations in the past and you surely have the strength to overcome this.


  • Be optimistic

‘Be Positive’ might seem to be a dictum, but it definitely works and places you in a better position to combat the challenge life has thrown towards you. It is much better to stand and look out for that soothing breeze of happiness rather than cursing your stars and acting like a victim of circumstances.

We are all human beings and feeling awful about something is natural, it is ok to fee depressed or to cry out with tears streaming down your cheeks, but it never ends there. Try gathering the fragments of your courage together and weave positivity to sail through it.


    Try changing what you can, leave what you can’t

You cannot be in charge of certain scenarios and they are beyond your control, nothing can change them, for example- the demise of a loved one. Focusing on such situations is miserable and depressing. You should rather try to concentrate on things that you can control or can change to make your life better, as that is what is going to help you to step out of the smoke of sadness. Write down everything that is in control of you and will make the situation better, invest all your energy in changing those.


    Try getting creative

Getting creative might not be a solution to change the difficult situation you are going through but it does help in taking your mind off it and relieves the stress for few moments. It rejuvenates you to think clearly and look out for a solution. Invest time in taking care of you during rough phases, do not skip meals as brain works better when your belly is full, go for a walk or exercise or meditate as it helps in coping with stress. Try to connect to your roots and engage your body and mind in something constructive rather than sobbing over the spilled milk.


    Forgive and forget

If the grave situation you are facing is because of someone else, it is inevitable to be angry, no matter how difficult it is but try to forgive him or else you will be trapped in vicious circle of hatred and feeling worse. Letting it go makes you accept things and then you can truly focus your energy in moving forward in life. It is way better that harbouring resentment and making your life remorseful.

Rough situations are a part and parcel of life and they make you value the good times. In the process of dealing positively with them, you become a better person.

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