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Can we rediscover the teenager within us?

September 3, 2016

How many times have we craved for living that carefree life again, soaking in that first rain of the season, beating the summer heat just to sneak some harmless cherries from uncle Sam’s Kitchen garden, tiptoeing from the back door when everybody assumed that we were studying, even lemons tasted good which somehow have turned sour now and just a lick of them makes us flinch, enjoying the finer things in life when we grow up into responsible adults seems a far-fetched dream now. May be in the rat race of attaining financial stability we compromised on our dreams.

Can we get that euphoric feeling back and can we rediscover the teenager within us? Is it remotely possible to get that ecstasy back? Time changes each one of us but there is a part within us, something distinct yet inexpressible, that stays the same. Life is a journey, a process and all of us evolve through its various stages.

As we step out of teenage, we embrace a new journey of aims and aspiration. We face our fate, many a times we fall apart and then again gather our broken bits get toughened, loose our innocence, learn the discreetness and diplomacy, and leave behind our self- possessed openness.

If you want to rediscover the teenager within you, it is high time that you stop playing safe and learn to take some risks.  Taking risks do not imply gambling your savings, it simply means doing certain things that you loved doing earlier and have stopped doing as you feel too old for them or just for the heck- ‘What will others think of me”,  for example- going on the merry go round again.  If you don’t try doing it now, you will never be able to muster courage to do it. Live in the spur of the moment and let those barriers break by which you have chained your real self. Experience it, and you will realize that it is downright liberating.

When you were a teenager you were carefree and were never scared to try new things. Everybody does something for the first time, so don’t make it a big deal and stop tormenting yourself. Try new things, if you are old enough and your physical health does not permit you to take any more adventures, try Skype chatting with your grand child and it will be an experience in itself. Remember, you made mistakes when you were a child but it never dampened your spirits, you are the same child and even tougher than before. So, do not allow failures to make you step back.

Harbouring and nurturing the teenager within you not only spices up your life but adds a pinch of fun to it otherwise dull monotony. However, rediscovering the teenager does not mean that you become reckless like a drunken driver. It is about striking a balance between maturity and fun element of your personality. It is about passionately leading a more fulfilling life and managing the responsibilities of an adult. After all, we get this life once and we live once, so why not live it the way we want it.

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