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Will you regret not having a child? | Live Child free

August 26, 2016

In the earlier days, a style of life without a child was seemingly a politically influenced decision for a majority of the couples. In the peak years of the 1950s and 1960s, most of the couples chose a picture of their perfect lifestyle without a child because of their grim fears of a nuclear holocaust. As the years passed by especially during the early 1970s the rapidly increasing problematic scenario of overpopulation became the motivating reason that affected the decision-making for a childless family future. Overpopulation does also have an immense influence on factors such as gender inequity as researched over the years. Where there is a higher rate of birth and a higher rate of poverty, the female children lose their economic value in society significantly.

So, conclusively the augmented visibility rate of choosing of not having a new human addition to the family seems to be a part of a social evolution that is not at all constrained by the traditional family model and dogmatic emotion and economic values. This transformation is leading to an usher of a world where the society with a vast diversity if needs have embroidered the family values and decision-making arrangements that suit best and works productively for them.

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Yet the middle years of the 1980s, the decision of living a child free life merely became a statement symbolizing infertility and a clear sign if failure. Additionally, numerous traditional reasons in earlier days for having a child in one’s family were purely economic. Many people were of the view that children guaranteed a safe and reliable financial security during later stages in life. But with today’s highly urbanized society that has ample choices of replacements of human resources can produce enormous educated adults, the lack of proper job availability has left a majority of educated youth jobless and homeless, that as a result the welfares of  progeny cannot be availed as earlier times. As a ramification of this situation, the senior aged parents are left hapless and helpless and thus inspired by that the society is self-mending the culture of having a self-independent and child-free future where they themselves financially as well as resourcefully secured.

Having a proper and ideal raising and upbringing of a child is a lifetime of work that is always occupied with never ending expenses and brain melting stresses. Where for some being a full-time parent could be an undeniable cherish able journey with some life changing experiences, but for many, it ends up as a lifetime fun ride without owing their lifetime’s earnings to a new being. From enjoying the luxury of traveling to setting a retirement plan with a handsome chunk of money, a child-free life can open doors with a multitude of pleasures and welcomes tremendous experiences that might be a bit impossible to render when one is stuck up in the obligatory conundrum of raising a little human.

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