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Can you fall in love all over again?

April 3, 2017
fall in love

Often people have doubts if one could fall in love again. While, in a relationship, no one wishes to end that relationship. Every person wants to continue their life with their loved ones. However, life is not predictable and time is cruel. Lovers do split up because of various reasons. There are a few who are strong and get over it. While some are weak and cannot forget the precious time and memories spent with their loved. Everyone who believes love can happen only once should stop thinking so. There are many cases where true lovers split and found a new love in a new person.

You only feel awkward about second love, until you experience one. Once you have done it, it’s a whole new feeling. You feel relieved. Your worry considering yourself a useless object, or about your ex-finding a new love disappears away. Your first love makes you blind. You don’t see anything apart from love. But, this is not the same in the second case. In the second case, you see the warning. You do not act blind. Instead, you keep comparing it to your first love. The second time is more real and can involve an awesome love, better than the previous one.

The first love brings out all your insanity. But, when you fall in love for the second time, you will be a saner person. Your first love would have given you enough experience to find out what works and what does not. There will be moments in your new love which will remind you of your previous love. It will make you sad and remind your ex. But, you should put in all your strength to overcome those and enjoy the moment with your new partner. These moments are the one which will replace your previous bitter memories.

All this is possible only when you believe that it is possible to fall in love again. The more you run away from it, the quicker the possibilities will fade.  If you believe that you cannot love any other person as much as you loved your ex, then you need to wake up. You need to open your eyes and accept the fact that it wasn’t meant for you. The beginning will definitely be scary, but as you move, your things will fall into the right place. You just have to let it flow.

You are an amateur when you fall in love for the first time. But, when you fall in love again, you will feel more “adult” and sorted out. So, do not sit back and repent on what is gone. Get up; the world is not yet over, and you are not destined to be alone. Let your love find you.

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