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Best Friend – Have you got one?

September 13, 2016

During mundane conversations, you have often heard people addressing some XYZ as their best friend. You neither bothered nor felt the need to tag one of your friends as your bestie, but have you ever wondered who is that best friends of yours from that huge circle of friends you have. Have you really got one?  Here are some pointers to know your best friend.

You have been hanging out with many people but there is one of them who have given you constant company in your weirdest of adventures.  For example – You both gate crashed a party during your college days, just to stuff your belly with some lip smacking dishes as hostel food seemed too boring as compared to the adventure.

best friend

He or She is the one with who you can be yourself and being yourself does not imply being devoid of make-up, without deodorant or lazing around with unkempt hair, but it means you can be your crazy self in a manner as if you are all alone. For that matter, you can laugh off a fart together without being ashamed of. After all, fart or pooping for that matter is natural and is nothing to be ashamed off.

He knows you inside out and you can confide in him, your deepest secrets and even the silly ones like your right socks has a hole or you have been saving water the past week by not showering. You guys are comfortable striking conversations even when you are in your undies.

He has saved you more than once when you bunked your classes by coming up with quirky excuses which left even your professor scratching his bald head.

He is the one whom you can call even at midnight without even thinking twice. You guys often end up giving same reactions or come up with same comments on everyday scenarios.

To that new guy in your class or to that hot chick, you guys have together assessed them by giving points out of ten based on silly parameters. You guys start random conversation about anybody without naming him or her and can still understand the discussion.

You guys have shared everything, ranging your crushes to heart aches or break ups. You know your secrets are as safe with him as they are with you. Your sharing is not limited to feelings, you don’t hesitate in wearing even a sweaty unwashed T-shirt of his and he being a 2 plus size than you, doesn’t bother you a bit.

You can bring him to your family events, despite knowing how weird your family situations become during such gatherings.

It goes without saying that your food is his food goes and vice versa. You guys raid each other’s fridge immodestly.

He loves making harmless fun of even publicly, but he would stand rock solid if anybody tries to take that liberty and will ensure that the other person better back off. Now, this is what best friends are for, isn’t it.

While going through the above mentioned points, if a single name pops up in your mind more than eight times, then you surely know – ‘Who your best friend is?’

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