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To Anyone Who Thinks, They’re Falling Behind In Life

August 28, 2016

Are you feeling uninspired, stuck, or unimproved? Do you feel that you are left behind while the others are moving forward? Have you failed in something that you tried? If so, then it is completely fine. Because this is a phase that every person goes through in his/her life. Even the most successful people have been through this phase.

The thing to be noted here is that you should not stop at this phase. If you stop at this phase, you will never succeed. You have to gather all your courage, inspire and motivate yourself and continue your journey. Do it even if you need to start it from the beginning. Life works only in this way. You can never expect a straight road. It a road with lots of curves, ups and downs, forests, deserts, dry lands, mountainous areas and flooded areas. You have to fight every obstacle to shine. You will learn the hardest lesson through the toughest times. So get up, wear your shoes and join the race of life.


Life is both unpredictable and uncertain, but you can manage everything that life throws if you stay strong and have the will fight. Even after falling you cannot be defeated until you accept your defeat. To prove your strength, all you have to do is just get up even after you fall. Be patient and consistent and you will definitely reach where you want to go. Nothing happens with a snap. Fruits need time to ripe. So wait and keep fighting till the end.

A few might offer help when you fall, but they might not realize your pain. So you will have to get up by yourself. Get up and get back to work. But this time, analyse how you fell and try to avoid the errors that were the reason for you fall. Smart people analyse their errors to avoid them in the future. The more you analyse, the more error you will find.

We are not robots. We are all humans, with emotional feelings. These emotions can act both as a friend and as an enemy. When you feel down, keep your emotions aside. Become rock strong and challenge life once again to throw stones at you. Promise yourself that you will face every stone and will not step back if any stone hits you.

Even if you get up, there are people who try to slow you down. It time you never lend your ears to them. Ignore every sarcastic view and comment coming in your way and never stop. Take the all the positives that you can. Read books, learn biographies, meet people and know different stories that will make you get up again. Keep trying and you will definitely reach the peak of success.

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