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How Ambien can Help You Fight against Insomnia

December 4, 2016

Ambien is a common drug prescribed for the treatment of insomnia. The generic name of the drug is zolpidem. It offers short-term treatment for people who suffer from temporary insomnia. Most adults experience insomnia for a short period of their life. In such cases, Ambien can be used effectively.

Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic and muscle relaxant drug. It allows our body to stimulate sleep-wake cycle. The actual purpose of the drug is to put the patients to sleep without lengthy sleep latency. The patients have to consume the take one tablet with a glass of water on the prescription of the doctor. It works very rapidly. Sometimes the patients fall asleep even before going to bed if they take it before preparing their bed. The drug can hit peak blood concentrations in only 30 minutes. It is important to avoid taking this drug before driving or performing any physical activities.


The drug is available in two types; Ambien and Ambien CR. Ambien plain is ultra-fast whereas Ambien CR (controlled release) releases the active ingredients in a balanced way. Physicians claim Ambien CR to be more consistent as it does not bombard the systems all at once.

Ambien has a curious effect of causing anterograde amnesia. It is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and slows down the brain activity. Due to the use of the drug, the brain finds it difficult to form new short-term memories. This is the reason the patients feel a sound sleep whereas actually had toss and turns in the middle of the night. The brain does not record all those activities and is unaware of the last six to seven years. It does not leave any signs of a hangover.

The drug enhances the activity of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which slows down the activity of the brain. The consumption of the drug causes a drowsy and calming effect. The half-life of this drug is just 1.5 hours, and the sedative effect can last for about eight hours after intake of the drug. It is important to consume the drug only if one needs seven to eight hours of sleep.

Ambien is also used as an anti-anxiety drug. The patients get the required hours of sleep which reduces the anxiety of them. It is also prescribed by the doctors for sleep gust, mood disorders, and panic attacks. The drug alters the brain chemicals and soothes the senses to cause relaxation.

Ambien, however, is not right for all the patients. It is a habit-forming medicine and should not be recommended to people with a history of alcohol or drug abuse. The consumption of the medicine should only be taken after consulting the doctor and under prescription.

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