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August 26, 2016

Ever look at that office colleague who has become everyone’s favorite in no time? Ever wondered what makes him/her different from the crowd? I know what you are thinking right now, IQ isn’t it? I have a piece of information for you, it’s not…rather it’s another term you may or may not be familiar with EI (emotional intelligence) or EQ (emotional quotient) that is one’s ability to perceive their own as well as other’s emotions and being able to feel as well as show empathy to anyone who need it, that helps them adapt better to the environment and display leadership qualities. But a fake display of emotional intelligence won’t take you places, for one to be highly successful a genuine emotional intelligence is required that makes a person not just display emotion but feel it at the same time.

The first ever discussion of emotional intelligence came in a 1964 paper by Michael beldoch, but it was Daniel Goleman’s book that made it immensely popular and gave a proper yet much-criticized theory over it. Though the role of emotional intelligence couldn’t be well perceived in personal relations, it’s quite critical of how one excels at his/her workplace.


Let’s follow these 12 traits of emotionally intelligent people, for you to judge for yourself where do you stand:

  1. They talk what the mean:

With emotionally intelligent there’s no place for flattery, they believe in talking heart to heart since they don’t have any place for manipulation or disguised interests in their thoughts or life.

  1. There’s no shying away from empathy:

Here even the term talks volumes, emotionally intelligent people are quite conscious about what’s going around and they never falter in showing they care. Be it a colleague at work or a help at home, they have a knack of knowing who’s going through a low phase and are emotionally available for them at the very first chance. It’s like being emotionally receptive.

  1. They are utterly reliable:

Since people with high EI specialize in creating a strong bond with people they interact with which is directly proportional to their trust quotient, they are seen as highly reliable. People see them as someone who can be trusted with responsibilities as well as secrets.

  1. They treat everyone alike and with respect:

With emotional intelligent people since there are no vested interests, there’s no place for flattery neither favoring someone over others, because they do not believe in climbing stairs of success on someone else’s shoulders. Not only they treat everyone alike they make sure to respect everyone irrespective of what post they hold in society.

  1. They believe in the power of patience:

People with higher emotional intelligence believe time is the key and forcing work, emotions or feelings on someone won’t hurry things, neither bring the desired outcome. They believe with genuine patience and faith in ourselves and others everything can be sorted out.

  1. They don’t judge


There’s no denying the fact that at one point of time or another every one of us has judged someone or another on the way they talk, the way they treat people, even on the way they look or dress up. But with emotionally intelligent people individualism is seen as a gift, just because they do not dress or act according to societies perceived notions that doesn’t mean they become any less of human or should be judged.

  1. They are of strong character:

Highly emotionally intelligent people are anti-adulteration, they believe in completely dedicating themselves towards their partner as well as their work. There’s no place for corrupt morals or adultery.


  1. They don’t take people for granted


Be it having a strong bond of friendship or fulfilling a commitment towards office colleague emotionally intelligent people know how important is everyone’s role in their life and they work their asses off to let their people know how much they mean to them.

  1. They don’t wilt under pressure:

Emotionally intelligent people are built to bear pressure at the same time they how to utilize it for the betterment of their skills and character, they see it not as a threat but as a catalyst towards expertise.

  1. They do not blame others:

Highly emotionally intelligent people understand the value of teamwork, understanding and mutual respect in both relations as well as at workplace. They know a problem or delay in outcome can’t be sorted out by putting the blame on subordinates or spouse, a little bit of patience their knack of seeing the best in people gives them a better understanding of seeing where the real problem is and rather blaming others they put their efforts towards finding the solution.

  1. They are grounded:

They believe in the strength of character and know how important moral values are for one’s mental and emotional growth. They do not believe in showing off or bragging achievements or materialistic possessions because for them the knowledge of being is power.

  1. They are giving


Be it time, knowledge or other assets emotionally intelligent people give with their arms open. They do not believe in keeping something to them that could be of help or of information for someone in need. Being generous is one of their leadership skills that makes people rely on them for their important decisions.

If you have followed these traits properly, you are now in a position to understand if you are genuinely emotionally intelligent or if you are missing somewhere.

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